chicken salad

Found a nice item for quick lunches

Found this at Costco. Needs to be refrigerated but If you bring it into work in the morning and don’t open it until lunch time, it stays good at room temperature. Don’t leave it out in the thought. LOL. Great with crackers or bread. My favorite right now is triskets.

3d printers

Food Dehydrator

Tribest Sedona SD-P9000 Digitally Controlled Food Dehydrator With BPA-Free Trays, Black $399.95 $379.95  in stock 4 new from $379.95 Free shipping Buy Now as of June 25, 2022 10:23 pm Features 110V Model Easy on/off switch, electronic digital display with digital temperature control and timer Quiet, energy efficient operation See-through glass door BPA free… Read More »Food Dehydrator


Hi all. I have had a few questions about which speed loader to get. Some people like simple, some people like fancy. I say go for the best value and get your money’s worth. Here is simple and cost effective tool that will provide years of service. This one is compatible with all 9mm magazines,… Read More »Speedloaders

Andre DeVilliers

New Custom Knife

Just picked up a new custom made knife. De Villiers, Andre It was made by AndrĂ©. He started making knives while at school in South Africa. His father’s need for a hunting knife snowballed into a career of making custom hand forged Damascus knifes. Now he makes all kinds of knives, ranging from folders to… Read More »New Custom Knife

A walk through the woods…

Whether you are outdoors hunting or just walking through the woods to enjoy nature, these will help you hear all the sounds of the forest. These are especially great for Bird Watching. You can hear many more bird calls when wearing these. It makes it easier to indentify where and what species of bird you… Read More »A walk through the woods…

ADS-B (How to track and show the airplanes flying in your local area in real time)

I have a wide range of hobbies. Everything from outdoor activities, electronics (raspberry pi) projects to custom made knives and 3d printing. For example, here is my Raspberry Pi setup with a Software Defined Radio USB stick (SDR). It’s easy to setup and a fun hobby. All you need is the following: And an… Read More »ADS-B (How to track and show the airplanes flying in your local area in real time)


Frankie loves her treats!

I asked Frankie what her favorite dog food was and she told me she loved this the most.