Got night vision? How do you protect it while traveling?

So, you finally found a great deal on night vision. How do you protect it when you travel? Take this great unit available on Amazon.

It’s important to protect it from random bumps in the road and bouncing around in the car/truck. Here is a great deal on a waterproof case that you can customize to fit your needs.

They are pressure balanced and will float so you can retrieve them if dropped in the water. The cases can be expensive but the piece of mind is worth every penny. The nice part about the presliced foam is how granular of a space you can create. Each cube is 1″ squared which means you can easily carve out just about any shape that will custom fit your high end electronic device.

Also, don’t forget how useful Nylon webbing an be. If you are traveling on rough roads or concerned about how roughly people might be handling your luggage, the piece of mind cannot be overstated. The first time you see a case dropped or fall off a shelf and hit the ground/floor and you rush over and open up the case only to see that nothing has been damaged, you’ll smile and realize what a good choice this was.

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